The Top Reasons to Move to Portland

Change Realty / January 14, 2016

In case you haven’t heard, Oregon has been the state to move to in recent years, coming in at number one for the last three years. With an exponentially growing economy, high quality of life, affordability, innovative initiatives, on top of its incredible scenery, it’s easy to see why Oregon, and Portland in particular, have become so popular.

If you aren’t convinced, here are the top reasons why moving to Portland will be the best decision you’ve ever made:

The Weather 

Now, most of those who don’t live in Portland will beg to differ, citing our infamous rain. Portland residents love to retort that complaint with “It keeps us lush and green!” It also doesn’t rain as much as you might imagine, with downtown Portland averaging 37.5 inches per year spread over 155 days. With dry and warm summers, and mild and warm winters, Portland offers something that most west coasters don’t have: seasons!

Real Estate

While average prices are rising in the Portland area, it’s still nothing in comparison to their west coast neighbors, like San Diego, Seattle, and Los Angeles. With reasonable prices, beautiful homes, and lots of green space, the real estate market in Portland is one of the biggest benefits to making the move.

Silicon Forest

Many high-tech employers have flocked to Portland in recent years, giving the area the nickname of “Silicon Forest.” Creating hundreds of jobs, companies including Intel, Nike, and IBM have moved their headquarters to the Silicon Forest area, inspiring an influx tech professionals to make the relocation to the Beaver State.

No Sales Tax

Money has always been a great incentive to move; and while cutting off a couple cents of dollars from your purchases doesn’t seem like much, in the long run, that can add up. The State of Oregon does not have a sales tax, so go ahead and save up those nickels and dimes!

Growing Economy

Oregon state comes in at number two as the state with the fastest growing economy in 2015. With a GDP growth of 4.7 percent, an increase in population of +0.87 percent paired with their 1 percent increase in employment makes it a smart place to move if you hope to grow a company, grow professional, or simply start a family!


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