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Change Realty / March 1, 2016

Regarded as a thriving and bustling food mecca in the United States, Portland is a true celebration of delicious, albeit sometimes outlandish, fare. James Beard, the “dean of American cooking” wrote this in his 1964 memoir when reflecting on Portland:

“No place on earth, with the exception of Paris, has done so much to influence my professional life.”

Some call it the Wild West of food, others the Mighty Gastropolis, but no matter how you say it, Portland’s place as major foodie destination is undeniable. Throughout the month of March, food is being celebrated across Stumptown, which is Portland’s nickname that was acquired during the mid-19th century when logging had outpaced the full clearing of trees.

Let’s take a look at all the sweet and savory activities happening in Portland in very near future!

Celebrate St. Patty’s! 

Put on all your green gear and head out to La Moule on March 17th. Yes, that French bar and restaurant that serves up delicious mussels. They’re going Irish, and serving up a selection of fun Irish cocktails as well as some kitchen specials including deep fried Mars Bars and mince n’tatties. Want to have all the fun, but still sample some of La Moule’s staple menu items? Never fear, their regular menu will still be available.

Dine & Drink

Celebrating the local fair of the pacific northwest, St. Jack’s is known for a seasonal menu of fresh French items. Typically a BYOB, on the evening of March 22nd, the restaurant is pairing up with the Clear Creek Distillery to serve up a delicious five course menu paired with the local vineyard’s selections. Priced at $90 a plate, this event will sure to be an experience not soon forgotten.

March = Chocolate

Chocolate lovers unite! Portland has answered all your prayers, and have spotlighted the delicious dessert for the entire month of March! That’s right, chocolate is standing in the spotlight for the third annual Chocolate for Congo Benefit. Portland restaurants and bakeries are participating in the event, in which they create special chocolate creations in order to raise funds for the Eastern Congo Initiative, which is an advocacy and grant-making nonprofit organization which works with and for those living in the eastern Congo. One dollar from every dessert will go towards the ECI. To view a full list of establishments participating in the Chocolate for Congo Benefit, click here! Because everyone loves eating chocolate, but now we can all feel good about eating it!

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