Change Realty is an Oregon-based residential brokerage firm that lives up to its name: with only a 1% listing fee for full real estate services, this local business is changing the face of the brokerage industry.

Change Realty

Founded by experienced entrepreneur Bill Gaffney, who has been a licensed broker in the states of Oregon and Washington for over a decade, Change Realty operates on very simple and very effective principles. Homeowners deserve to make the most out of selling their houses, and they should not have to pay their brokers if their house listing goes nowhere. With Change Realty’s business model, customers are guaranteed to retain more of their property’s equity when it sells– or alternatively, if it does not sell, customers do not owe any money at all.

Since Bill opened Change Realty back in 2009, the company has already sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of properties. In 2014 The Portland Business Journal even designated Change Realty as one of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in the state. The company was again recognized in the journal’s 2015 list, jumping 17 spots closer to the #1 spot.

What makes Change Realty so special? Besides its game-changing 1% listing fee, which is the lowest fee compared to any other full-service brokerage firm in Oregon, Change Realty thrives off employee experience. The dedicated team consists of seven full-time brokers, and growing, with a combined total of more than sixty years’ experience in real estate. Change Realty also employs a full-time administrative marketing coordinator who ensures that the listing and selling process goes smoothly and oversees the business’ comprehensive marketing packages for each and every property.

One percent isn’t the only number that helps Change Realty stand out. Over the past few years the firm has distinguished itself by climbing the ranks in the Portland Metro market and reaching exciting business milestones. In just a short amount of time Change Realty has worked on over 500 real estate transactions so far, totaling over $250 million in volume as a broker and/or investor. The numbers all add up to one fact: the 1% listing fee works.

Bill Gaffney created this company with the intention to innovate, to inspire, and to do no less than reinvent the existing real estate brokerage industry. Change Realty is making it happen and helping customers throughout the Portland Metro area take control of their properties, keep the equity they deserve, and save more money.